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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have booked an indoor venue, can the bouncy castles go indoors?

A: Yes, however you must consider the height, as some venues are not suitable. So before booking, we always suggest that you check with the venue.

Q: Are you fully insured?

A: Yes. CC Castles carries public liability insurance. This does not mean that we are liable for any injuries during the time you have one of our castles. During this time the hirer is responsible for any injuries that occur.

Q: Can I keep the bouncy castle overnight?

A: Yes! For an additional charge of £20, you are able to keep the castle overnight. However, the castle must be kept in a safe and secure area, such as a back garden, that is locked.

Q: What happens if it's raining or particularly bad weather on the day of the booking?

A: If the weather is bad/raining we will call you the evening before the date of hire and advise you what to do. For safety reasons we would advise not to use bouncy castles in adverse weather ie heavy rain or strong winds.

Q: How much space do I need for a bouncy castle?

A: The dimensions of our castles are shown on our product listings please also allow an additional 5 feet both back and front and at least 2 feet at the sides.

Q: What payment method do you except?

A: We except cash on delivery.

Q: How much notice to I need to give to book a castle?

A: As much notice as possible. During busy times we book up well in advance so let us know as soon as you have a date in mind, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: How many children/adults are allowed on the castle?

A: Each castle has different limits. Please note children's castles should never be used by heavier adults, remember the hirer is responsible for any damage.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel?

A: You can cancel at any time. We understand that unexpected things can happen in life, which can prevent you from going ahead with your hire/booking. We do not charge a cancellation fee. All we ask is that you try and give us as much notice as possible.

Q: Access to our garden is difficult - can you go up steps?

A: This depends on how many steps there are and the size of the garden. For the smaller items a few steps are not normally a problem but we may require help from you please inform us on booking. If it is going to be a long set up, we may require extra payment for the time/staff to set up the job. Please call us to discuss.

Q:What time is Set up and collection?

A: Set ups are anytime between 7am-1pm and collections start from 6pm generally first dropped is first collected etc so everyone has the same time with the inflatables we try and plan the best economical route. if you wanted till late we advise you pay for overnight hire for an extra £20 providing the property is secure that way you wont have to worry about the collection that evening and our staff will collect from 7am the next morning.

If you have any further questions please contact us, you can use the contact form, or:

Call us on:07933824912

WhatsApp / text:07933824912


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